Telescopic Door SLT

The SLT automation for telescopic doors is designed for easy installation.

The rail for the fast leaves is supported by modular support brackets and this patented solution allows the full access to the slow carriages during installation and maintenance.

A double-pulley transmission makes the synchronization of fast and slow leaves very easy.

Technical data


125 x 216 x 6600 mm

Max load:

Two leaves 2 x 100 Kg
Four leaves 4 x 70 Kg

Max speed:

0.8 m/s with one leaf
1.6 m/s for two leaves

Power supply:

100-240 V 50/60 Hz

Power (stand-by):

70 W (10 W)

Protection rating:


Operating temperature:

-15° C / +50° C

Connecting port: