Extraordinarily easy installation and maintenance

SLT automation is easy to install and to be maintained thanks to its patented supporting system and to the double synchronized pulley system.

The telescopic automation SLT, available as Advance and as Emergency, is the good solution in all the applications where space limits don’t allow wide leaves.

The patented solution proposed by FACE includes a suspended rail with modular brackets. This allows the full access to the slow leaves for installation and maintenance.

Adjustment and synchronization of the low and fast leaves are extremely easy: it is enough to put both the leaves in the opening position and then secure the two transmission belt pulleys by means of two locking screws.


100 Kg
Two leaves weight

Easy to install

The SLT is easy to install and maintain, thanks to the specific supporting system.

Suitable for escape routes

The SLT automation, with its redundant system, can be applied also for emergency exits.

Ideal in narrow spaces

SLT is the best solution when there isn't enough space for wide leaves.