Performing and compact

Flexible solutions that fit many kinds of access, wether in new building or as a retrofit on existing doors.

The swing door SW series is created with FACE brushless motor combined with a compact and reliable gear unit.

Models SW2 and SW5, suitable for leaf weight of 200 and 300 kg respectively, are designed for types of different applications; efficient and extremely reliable, these automations are highly cost effective.

The range is completed by the SW80: in this case an additional double spring system guarantees the perfect and smooth running and closure of the door in every situation, even in case of power failure.

Do you need to combine a double leaf door? SW automations are ready to work together with a simple software setting to activate the synchronization.


200 Kg
Leaf weight


300 Kg
Leaf weight


Swing with springs
300 Kg Leaf weight

Barrier-free access

The SW series can be easily retrofitted on existing door, providing barrier-free access.

Compact and efficient

SW is compact without affecting its sturdiness and therefore it's suitable for intensive use.

Easy to combine

Synchronizing two leaves via software is a piece of cake; a mechanical synchronizer is also available.