Sliding Door SL6

SL6 is a versatile automation, available with Advance or Emergency type of control and in the BIG or HEAVY configuration, it is also the base for our solution for hermetic door.

SL6 has all the characteristics of efficiency and high performance of the FACE automation and it includes a powerful control board with integrated display, configurable terminals and a wide range of customizable parameters to match every customer need.

Technical data


125 x 156 x 6600 mm

Max load

  • Advance/Emergency: 140 Kg with one leaf / 2 x 120 Kg with two leaves
  • Heavy: 180 Kg with one leaf / 2 x 150 Kg with two leaves
  • Big: 400 Kg with one leaf / 2 x 250 Kg with two leaves

Max speed

0.8 m/s with one leaf – 1.6 m/s for two leaves.

Power supply

100-240 V 50/60 Hz

Power (stand-by)

70 W (10 W)

Degree of protection


Operating temperature

-15°C / +50°C



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