Sliding Door SL5

SL5 is one of the automation with the better performances on the market.

The profile is made up of three elements and it includes a rubber element to absorb noise and vibrations.

SL5 is available both with Advance and Emergency control and also in the “Heavy” configuration, for leaf up to a maximum total weight of 300 kg.

Technical data


125 x 156 x 6600 mm

Max load:

  • Advance/Emergency: 140 Kg with one leaf / 2 x 120 Kg with two leaves
  • Heavy: 180 Kg with one leaf / 2 x 150Kg with two leaves

Max speed:

Advance/Emergency 0.8 m/s with one leaf –1.6 m/s for two leaves.
Heavy: 0.6 m/s 1 leaf – 1.2 m/s 2 leaves

Power supply:

100-240 V 50/60 Hz

Power (stand-by):

70 W (10 W)

Degree of protection:


Operating temperature:

-15 C° / +50 C°



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