Powerful control and efficient automation

A complete range of automations for sliding doors.

FACE sliding automations are based on the brushless motor with direct drive, without motor gear. This configuration assures the maximum level of efficiency, while the low speed of the motor (about 600 rpm) reduces the need for maintenance.

The range is wide: from the application for light leaf, such as SL3, designed for 70 kg leaf, up to heavy leaf of 400 kg with the SL6-BIG.

The versatility is guaranteed by a powerful control with customizable and editable parameters, configurable terminals strips, USB port for the firmware upgrade and for the upload and download of functional parameters.

The interface for the operator is simple and intuitive, thanks to the integrated alphanumeric display.


70 Kg
Leaf weight


100 Kg
Leaf weight


180 Kg
Leaf weight


400 Kg
Leaf weight

A control for all needs

The control unit is an open platform. with a wide range of functionalities for any installation needs.


The Brushless motor, the absence of the motor-gear and the switch mode technology assure the maximum efficiency.

A wide range of applications

The SL automations are available both for standard and emergency use, for leaf weight from 50 up to 400 kg.