FACE automations are design to be easy to install and to configure, but also to be used by the final users. For this reason all the interfaces have been designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.

FACE automations can work as a stand-alone installation, but customer can exploit all their potential if they are completed with a function selector.

Do you want also a smart automation? It is easy: two mobile apps, one for the installer (FACE PRC) and one for the final user (FACE URC) are available. In this way it is possible to share the complete setting of the parameters or the diagnostic, if you are an installer, or to simply open the door, if you are a final user, just clicking a button on the screen of your mobile phone.

User-friendly and intuitive

All the main functions can be activated with a simple touch on the selector icons or on your mobile screen.

Smart and always connect

The files with the diagnostic and with the parameters setting can be easily download and share.

Keyless access

URC app allows final user to open the door using a mobile phone, without badge or mechanical key.