A complete package

The sliding automation can be completed with the proprietary Face profile system, for an excellent final result.

SF30 is the FACE own profile system perfect for assemblying the whole fixture for automatic sliding doors.

This series of profiles meets the safety requirements of European EN16005.

The SF30 system includes only two profiles, one for the vertical part and one for the horizontal; with a 30 mm thickness, the profile can lodge two types of glasses: safety glass from 8 to 10 mm and thermal glass from 20 to 22 mm.

FACE provides the complete support to its customers supplying the complete list of items needed to assemble a specific door, the cutting measures for aluminium profiles and gaskets, the list of possible type of glasses with relative dimensions and weight.

Flexible and versatile

The SF30 profile can host both 8-12 mm safety glass and 20-22 mm thermal glass.


Certified EN16005 by German TÜV Thüringen, SF30 profile is robust and strong.

Easy to assemble

The system includes just two profiles for the maximum assembling ease.