Add value to your automation

A complete set of accesories is available to complete and empower FACE automations.

FACE automations can be completed with all the necessary accessories to meet all requests, such as:

  • bi-stable lock: it guarantees the lock even in case of power failure and it can be completed with a microswitch that detects the position of the locking device and with a level for the mechanical unlock
  • magnetic brake it is an intrinsically safe lock, since in case of power failure the door can be open manually
  • a complete set of opening and safety sensors
  • battery to assure the emergency opening
  • opening proximity sensor, elbow switch and traffic light
  • key mechanical selector and button for emergency opening.

Two unique accessories that FACE can provide for your installations are: the supercapacitor, for the first battery free automation and the patented fixing sensor device to make easier installation and maintenance operations

The right accessory for each installation

A wide range of accessories makes Face automations suitable for many different installations

Easy to install and maintain

The sensor support is easy to install and saves your time during maintenance operations.


The Supercapacitor eliminates the need of toxic lead batteries.