Reliable and efficient

A complete range of automation for sliding and swing doors, designed for easy installation and maintenance.


The brushless motor, the direct drive connection with the belt that doesn’t require motor-gear and the switch mode technology reduce the energy consumption by 50%.


The configuration without motor gear, the specific design of the profile, the gaskets and carriage wheels guarantee the maximum silence.

Reliable and low-cost in maintenance

The reliability has been maximized, like in the engine, which, operating at a low speed (600 rpm), is not prone to wear and tear, or in the encoder, which is set safely inside the motor shell, or in the motor-gear, which simply doesn’t exist.

User-friendly and easy to install

Everything has to be as simple as possible: from the intuitive integrated display to the USB connection for firmware update and upload/download setting, from the customizable settings of the remote-control system to the mechanical design.

Emergency version available

EMERGENCY is a redundant control system suitable for escape routes, in compliance with EN16005 (DIN18650). A simplified control architecture and the single double winding motor allow to preserve the compactness.

-50% energy consumption
Battery free
Gearbox free
Brushless motor warranty
5 million cycles testing

Please discover our technologically advanced products

Sliding doors

FACE sliding automations work with a direct drive brushless motor, overtaking the motor gear technology.

Swing doors

The swing door SW series is constructed inserting the FACE brushless motor combined with a compact and reliable gear unit.

Telescopic doors

The telescopic automation SLT, available as Advance and as Emergency, is the perfect solution when a narrow space doesn’t allow wide manoeuvre.

Hermetic doors

A complete package for hermetic doors that includes leaf, frame, gaskets and all the mounting accessories.

Profile SF30

FACE provides the complete range of items you may need in assemblying a specific door.


Complete your automation to make it suitable for all kind of installation