The New Generation of Automations implemented by Face is spreading worldwide

FACE automations are designed to satisfy both the final user and the installer in all the steps.
The company slogan is born from his working philosophy : “Innovate to simplify”.

The innovative technological solutions applied to FACE automations, are and will continuously be developed with the dedication of people that firmly believe in the constant improvement as pursuit of excellence.

This continuous commitment led FACE, only a few years after its foundation, to export in more than 23 countries and the exports volume represents now over 70% of the total sales.

The great effort of FACE has been recognised by the reward of the Innovation Prize R+T 2018 for Energy Efficiency given by the prestigious jury of the 10th contest organized by the international Stuttgart Messe 2018 exposition. In the past 10 editions, FACE has been the first company in the business of door automations to win this award. This is source of pride and satisfaction for the Team and for the big “International Family” of the FACE Partners all over the world.

Face Company, located in Casier, was founded by Paolo Bacchin and Ferdinando Menuzzo in 2012.
Paolo Bacchin previously was Director in Ditec since its foundation while
Ferdinando Menuzzo is the son of Angelo Menuzzo, the founder of companies Came, Pa and Ditec.
Together they have 40 years of experience in the automatic door business and in October 2012 they decided to start FACE with a team of specialists with the main objective of bringing innovation in this market.

Face is the first company in this business sector to use exclusively Brushless motors in direct drive (without the gearbox) and a new generation electronic control system with extended range power supply 100-240 V (50/60 Hz) thanks to the switch mode technology.
This results in a reduction of energy consumption, high performance, reliability,usable worldwide also with the possibility to develop new functions and applications.

The mission of FACE is to totally satisfy their customers, offering a new generation of automations for sliding and swing doors with high performance and a strong reduction in electricity consumption.