The “faces of FACE” and our mission.

FACE S.p.A. was founded by specialist of design, production and commercialization of automations for residential, civil and industrial applications.

Our mission is to confirm our specialist Management Team that expresses their skills, experience, energy and passion, to research of advanced technological solutions, applied to automation for pedestrian doors, our ambition is to become the Company that will be identified as the leader of the innovation in this area. Innovation means to satisfy our customers by focusing to exceed their request and expectation, providing advanced technological solution. We want simplify the three primary activities within their areas: installation, setting all the operating parameters, maintenance.

We are sure that is the quality of people that makes the difference, we believe that specialization represent the main way to go to reach our ambitious goals. We can summarize our philosophy with the following sentence:
The Decathlon world champion Roman Sebrle has never been able to run 100 meters faster than the world champion Leo Bolt, specialist of speed.